Saturday, November 28, 2009


Melalui hari2 yang sukar dalam melawan kesepian hati..Ada peristiwa yang menyentuh hati berlaku bila kesedihan datang  menerjah hati..one nite i felt so lonely so i brought  Lotus to my room lepak on my bed.. just need someone to talk to..The clouds have been hanging around for almost a week now, every once in while the sun will try to shine through but it never seem to stay long. And guess what? Lotus macam faham ape yang i rasa..

Lotus : Why ayong look so sad?? is there something wrong??
Me    : Just looked at him and i shed my tears..Do u love me??
Lotus : Of corse i do..don't cry..i'm here..everything will be just fine..
Me     : Thank you dear..i hope so..i really need to hear that now..

Apa yang memeranjatkan Lotus menyapu air mata i yang keluar..i swear..i'm not lying..i'm not crazy..i don't care what people says but it's true..he swept my tears..thank you..